Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 2B

This is one of the weakest groups in the world, but has the closest spread between the top 3 players out of any group.
  1. David Davis (CH1)
    Great range and great glove help to pick up the slack caused by his weak arm. He's going to hit for a high average, with very good power. He dominates lefties, and will still hit well against righties too. He's got elite speed. Very durable. He doesn't have a top-notch eye, but will definitely reach base enough to use that speed. The worst thing you can say about him is that he's a slight injury risk.
  2. Braden Kubel (LA)
    Kubel is just going to be a mediocre defender, but is really going to shine when it comes to offense. He pairs above average speed with a great ability to make contact. He's got very good power. He's got an above average eye. He's dominant against LHP while more than holding his own against RHP. He's very durable.
  3. Jose Viriato (BAL)
    Jose is tremendously durable. He's not going to strike out a lot and will definitely hit for a high average. He lacks elite power, but still has enough to hit some home runs. He's great at really driving the ball and is going to reach base a lot. He has tremendous speed that gets neutralized by his utterly embarrassing baserunning knowledge. He's a below average to average defender who will never win a gold glove.

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