Wednesday, January 12, 2011


At least there's a good player in this group. The rest aren't worth much at all.
  1. Ed Parkinson TOR (1-yr, $4.7M)
    Ed is a slow man who is going to struggle playing defense. That's not where his value lies though, as he has tremendous power to combine with a great recognition of the strike zone. He's going to struggle making contact and will be inconsistent at driving the ball, but should definitely provide help to a team.
  2. Frank Koh
    Age has really taken its toll on this horrible defender. He's slow and not very durable. He does a good job at driving the ball, although he lacks the power one usually looks for in a RF. He's not great at making contact nor does he really have great command of the strike zone. Could be a helpful player for someone off the bench.
  3. Jayson Vander Wal SD (3 yrs - $14.4M)
    He's the best defender in the FA class. He's got average speed and is durable. Stays healthy. He does a good job against RHP while not being overwhelmed against LHP. He's got some power and makes decent contact. He has no command of the strike zone.

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