Friday, January 21, 2011

Top LF

The left-fielders of this world are the very definition of top-heavy. There are 5 guys who will make a big impact on their team, while the remaining top 32 are mediocre.
  1. Reed Hoyt (SF)
    Reed has great power. He drives the ball very well. He's durable. He's pretty much an average defender when compared to the rest of the group. He's got a good eye which will allow him to reach base and put his tremendous speed to good use. His weakness is that he's merely above average at making contact.
  2. Sherman Thompson (TEX)
    Thompson has great range but a below average glove. He's durable and will stay healthy. He makes good contact and has above average power. He does decently against LHP but he dominates against RHP. He's got a great eye to go with good speed.
  3. Merv Dorsey (CLE)
    Merv is a solid player. Good range to go with average defensive ability. Decent speed. He's durable. He's definitely not going to strike out much and will hit some home runs. He's got a good eye and will see his share of walks. While he doesn't struggle at driving the ball consistently, he doesn't excel at it either.

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