Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top SP

This is a solid group, there are some very good pitchers at the top.
  1. Edgar Martin (BAL)
    Gotta be the favorite for the AL Cy Young, Martin has great durability that combines with very good stamina. Very good control will prevent him from hurting himself with walks. He does a great job at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. He lacks the velocity to record a lot of strikeouts, but he is a groundball machine. A great sinker combines with 2 above average pitches and 2 average pitches to make him a formidable pitcher.
  2. Bernie Speier (LA)
    Good durability and good stamina means he should see lots of innings this season. He's dominant against RHB, while doing well at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone against LHB. He's got great velocity which should combine with a great pitch, 3 above average pitches and an average pitch to generate a lot of strikeouts. Not a groundball pitcher, he still can induce a grounder when necessary. He will not walk many.
  3. Hugh Downs (PIT)
    Better against LHB than RHB, he can definitely hold his own against RHB. He's a pure groundball pitcher so his team should be ready. He's got an exceptional fastball, 3 above average pitches and an average pitch. He lacks dominant velocity. Good durability and solid stamina. He's got great control.

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