Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top FA 3B

This group is weak as there isn't an outstanding player amongst them. There are some useful players, so you could see several playing in the Bigs this season.
  1. Olmedo Leon MON (1 yr - $2.2M)
    The main draw of Leon is his eye. He can work the count decently, hit with some power. He lacks the defensive ability of an ideal 3B. He's durable, and is average at driving the ball. He will strike out some.
  2. Merv Malone
    Malone is a strong defender with great durability. He has a lot of power and a decent eye. Unfortunately he is considerably less consistent against righties than lefties and will strike out a lot. Decent speed as well.
  3. Jose Rivera
    You can pretty much copy and paste what I said above about this guy, with the exception of speed. He'll hit some homers, but not walk that much and strike out a lot.

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