Monday, January 31, 2011

Trade Talk (III) with tk21775

  1. The next 3 for 1 deal belonged to the Oakland A’s and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona receives 20 year old P Candy Martin and sends the A’s 21 year old P Larry Wells, 19 year old P Willie Parrott, and 27 year old DH Rafael Chantres. Chantres is the only one of the three to get the call to the majors where he’ll bring a nice bat to the DH spot along with Molina like speed. Parrott gets sent to Low A where he’ll develop into a force against right handed batters and no slouch against lefties. Wells gets sent to High A where he’ll develop into a nice starting pitcher himself. He’s got excellent control and very nice splits. Arizona will start Martin out in Low A this season where he looks to work on his pitching so that he’ll be a lights out closer when he reaches the majors. Outstanding control and splits, absolutely dominant against righties, when the Diamondbacks have the lead and send this guy to the mound you might as well call it a game. Luckily it looks to be a few years before he’ll be competing at the highest level.
    Owner train on the deal: “I gave up a really good RP prospect but was able to add a DH, SP prospect and a RP prospect. The guy I moved projects to have tremendous splits, control and stuff, but the opportunity to add multiple pieces was too good to pass up.”
    Owner The__Kid on his move: “Taking the Bill Belichick route. We made the deal because we thought it was the best move for our ballclub. We expect Candy to develop into a shutdown closer."
  2. Next up on the trading block were the San Diego Padres and the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers will receive 23 year old 1B Jim Thomson in exchange for 20 year old P Ken Smith, 36 year old P Andres Gonzalez, and 25 year old 1B Sergei Lloyd. Gonzalez and Lloyd get called to the majors where Andres will help out in a long relief role. He has great control and stamina/durability combo but a little below avg. splits. Lloyd will take over at 1B where he’ll be an all around nice player for the Padres. He’s got a bat with no weakness although no overall strengths and some speed on the bases. Smith will get sent down to High A where the pitcher will work on his arm which projects to great control and nice vR split. Thomson will take over 1B for the Brewers where the slugger will give fits to opposing pitchers. He’s got a great eye and contact, will trot around the bases as fans fight in the seats for the ball and his splits are pretty good as well.
    Owner gerald007 on the deal: “Hutch needed a slight upgrade at 1B and a touch of salary cap relief. I received a very good young arm, and two hitters, who while not quite a good as the hitter I hit him, helps me strengthen my minors for other possible deals. He also got a good PC catcher from me, but I have a couple more of those laying around right now, so that was just a throw in for me.”
    Owner mlhutch on making it happen: “Well, we coveted Thomsen since we opened trade discussions with SD. It is easy to see why. He has got a nice contact/power combo, a great eye, and solid enough splits. Also, he is only 23 so he will be peaking when all of our blue-chip prospects come up. I had to give away a solid SP prospect and others but, in the end, Thomsen was a great fit for both our short-term and long-term needs.”
  3. The Dodgers make another move, this time with the Minnesota Twins who have been relatively quite in trades so far. The Twins acquire the rights to 20 year old SS Glenn Sweeney and 21 year old LF Morgan Taylor for 22 year old P Cameron Lundquist. Sweeney will begin in Twins career at High A where the defensive SS will work on his glove and he’ll be able to hit a little at the majors as well. Taylor moves up a level to AA where the 1B/LF will spend a little time in the minors but should be seen in the majors soon. He’s got a very nice bat with power behind it. Lundquist looks like he’ll join the starting rotation possibly for the Dodgers with great control and very nice splits along with 3 great pitches.
    Owner Iceman67 on making the deal: "It was a tough decision in dealing a promising young star in Lundquist. I feel that I have a strong enough starting rotation, that I could afford to deal him. He should flourish pitching at Chavez Ravine. Sweeney & Taylor are welcomed additions to the franchise...Taylor will probably be on the big league roster sooner than later...Sweeney's defense will be a big plus”
  4. Arizona doesn’t waste anymore time making a deal happen, hooking up with mexd781 and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays will receive 29 year old P Josias Gonzales and give up 18 year old P Walter Gray and 21 year old P Al Lange. Lange and Gray both start out in Low A for the D’backs where Gray has projections for outstanding control dominant against lefties and no slouch against righties with 3 very good pitches. Lange will hold his own on the mound as well although he’ll be working out of the pen where he also projects to outstanding control and very nice splits no matter what side of the plate batters are swinging from. The Rays will pencil in Gonzales into their starting rotation where he’s got great control and great splits. He’ll throw for the majority of games with his stamina/durability and give the bullpen a rest. The Rays have him signed for 2 years at $6.8M
    Owner The__Kid on the move: "We were looking to solidify our bullpen of the future. With the acquisition of Martin, we thought that he would be better utilized as an everyday closer. To achieve that, we needed a strong left/right combo with some stamina ahead of him. Trading away Gonzales was tough since he's been our #1 starter for the last few seasons. We felt that his best years were behind him."
    Owner mexd781 on the deal: “With the price of
    Fausto Lopez going up in FA, I had to turn my attention to acquiring another SP via trade. I called up Arizona to see if Gonzales was available. He is great against right handers and has pretty good control. He will step in as our #2 starter behind Walker Bryant. I did have to give up my top SP prospect, but with Josias only being 29 and Walker 27, it gives us a great 1-2 punch for the next couple of seasons.”
  5. The Diamondbacks stay right in the middle of things, this time with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies will receive 30 year old SS Phil Perez in exchange for 19 year old P Carl Swift, 24 year old P Doug Rose, and 28 year old 2B Ivan Rivera. Rivera and Rose will be called to the majors where Rivera looks to handle 2B this season with some speed when he gets on the bases. Rose will be pitching in the later innings and projects to great control and splits. Swift moves to Low A where the SP prospect will develop into a very nice pitcher with great splits. Perez will handle SS for the Phillies and while he’s a little short on defense he’ll make up for it with a great bat for the SS position.
    Owner The__Kid: "With Phil Perez heading to FA at the end of the season, we wanted to make sure we received value in return for his services this season. With Carl Swift projected as a #2 starter, our future rotation is taking shape. Doug Rose was a key component of this trade. His abilities to be effective against left and right handed batter will solidify his place in the bullpen for seasons to come."
    Owner disposable77 on the deal: “We had alot of interest in Perez from the beginning of the season, and found out he was available. We were able to work out a deal with Arizona that wouldnt bleed our LL pitching dry. To be able to get a player of his caliber will be an asset for us in the long run, and we are excited to have him.”

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